Taking sustainability seriously


The Central England Co-operative is one of the largest co-operatives in the UK. A modern, forward-thinking and ethically-focused organisation, they employ over 8,000 members of staff across 430 branches.

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Let's co-operate

Here at Newenglish, we love The Co-operative’s ethics-led approach to business, and so we were very proud when they asked us to work with them to document and promote their Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable development goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an initiative that provide a blueprint for peace, prosperity, people and planet. At its heart are 17 key goals—each an urgent call for action, which have been adopted by companies in all UN member states.

The Co-operative are committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals through their actions and business practices. We’re proud to have helped them to document their progress by creating their first ever Sustainability Report and a series of engaging, animated info-graphics to showcase the good work they’ve achieved so far.

Information is beautiful

Eye-catching and easy to understand, the info-graphics we created are used across The Co-operative’s social media platforms, to highlight the work they’re doing alongside their supporting partners.

From their inspiring work with FairShare, that provides over 1 million meals to local communities in need. To reducing their impact on the planet with less food-waste, lower-emissions and a significant reduction in single-use plastics. We brought these impressive statistics to life with simple and engaging animations.

Story telling

To help tell the story and provide context, we used everyday, recognisable objects to create the info-graphics, including tomatoes to highlight food waste, and plastic bottles to highlight a reduction in single use plastic.

The Report

Far from being a dry, financial document, we designed the report with a flexible, fluid layout, making good use of white space and bursting with easy-to-digest information. The info graphics and impressive statistics really jump-off the page, and are supported by carefully sourced photography showing real people, living real lives.

The report is also available as an interactive document, to be viewed online. We added a simple navigation tab, to make it easy and intuitive for the reader to hop between the different sections of the report.

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