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Founded upon a strong set of core values, The Ralph is a state-of-the-art Veterinary Referral Centre, delivering excellent care with the utmost compassion.

From Cardiology to Neurosurgery, a dedicated team of over 150 specialists deliver a fantastic range of clinical services from the impressive XXXX2ft hospital in Buckinghamshire—which happens to be named after a rather inspirational rescue cat called, you guessed it… Ralph.

We were so delighted to create the brand for The Ralph. Their passion and love for our furry friends is infectious and we had a lot of fun, creating their brand, brand strategy, website, animations, advertising, signage, and interior.

  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Brand
  • Digital
  • Illustration
  • Interior Design
  • Photography
  • Print
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding

Playful, cheeky twist

It was our job to create a brand from scratch before their hospital was built. The Ralph, a new and vibrant company, are all about the animals. We wanted to communicate the professionalism, passion, energy and ethics of the hospital, so that vets and investors alike, would be won over and love this enterprise.

We put a playful, cheeky twist on the vet brand, to help make The Ralph stand out and chime with the fun of owning a pet, even when they get poorly.

All about the animals

The 1980s building needed internal re-modelling, so our design work included advising on both the spacial and interior design, for the separate cat and dog receptions, waiting areas, offices, and public spaces.

We designed bespoke, scratch resistant, reception desks, and comfortable, wipeable, animal-proof waiting room furniture, to sit alongside planters to create reassuring spaces for animals to wait with their carers. There is even a quiet pod for nervous dogs and their carers to wait in.

A special room was created for the sad times when an animal has to be put down; home-like with a sofa, beanbags, gentle lighting, and a medical table.

Digitally driven

The hospital has every medical discipline you would find in a human hospital. Vets refer pets to the hospital, and the pet carers are encouraged to go to The Ralph website to see where their pet will be cared for.

On the website we have carefully planned the customer journey to get to the desired information quickly. The site has many sections, so clarity was at the forefront of the design, while deeply retaining the friendly, reassuring brand design throughout.

So, the website successfully serves both B2B and B2C.

A bark of approval, a meow of applause

It’s been fantastic to see The Ralph really take off, and helping poorly pets and their owners. The brand we created is loved across every touchpoint, from their exciting environment, to their slick website, to their marketing materials.

The brand is well recognised amongst vets and the business hit profit well in advance of their projections. Just over two years after opening, there are now over 150 staff employed at The Ralph.

Purrrrrr... meow, meow, meee-ooow, meow Derek, the Cat

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